Ancient Dungeons: Base Pack



This is a fully fledged medieval tileset for your game. It is the first of the series “Ancient Dungeons”, and it is a base pack, therefor contains many basics for your RPG. It does NOT contain any dungeon specific tiles, as the dungeons will be separate expansion packs. This Base Pack will serve as a foundation to built upon on with the expansion packs. You will find many exterior as well as interior tiles for towns, castles, caves etc. Includes sideways rooftops, chests, torches, day and night windows, and a small sailboat. The exterior maps are set in summer/spring, no winter version available.


Optimized for: RPG Maker VX Ace.
Resolution: 32×32 pixels
Tileset sheets: TileA1-A5, TileB-E, with various alternate tilesets
Spritesets: only objects
Icons: no
Filesize: 9.38MB


Commercial usage: yes
Allowed to use in: any game engine



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