Rural Farm Tiles



Ever wanted to make your own farming game? This resource pack will have everything you need! From cheerful and bright graphics depicting the different seasons, to all of the different crops (32 in total!), with farming tools, to cute little icons, and to NPC sprites for the townsfolk. It’s all in there. Even chickens. But what if you don’t want to farm? Well, then you can always go deep into a mine and mine some ores, or go fishing, or marry one of the townsfolk.

Includes a demo project for RPG Maker VX Ace that has a working timesystem, a HUD and some examples on how to use the different action sprites. A PDF guide has more information on crop identification, as well as how to use the demo project.


Optimized for: RPG Maker VX Ace
Resolution: 32×32 pixels
Tileset sheets: TileA1-A5, TileB-E with four seasons
Spritesets: 51 NPC sprites, 6 animal sprites, with 2 main NPC sprites that show tool animations
Icons: 212 in 24×24 pixels, as well as large versions in 64×64 pixels
Filesize: 57MB


Commercial usage: yes
Allowed to use in: any game engine