Modern Sprites



These are the character sprites from the Rural Farm Tiles resource pack, as a stand alone version for those that are simply interested in getting the sprites. The sprites are modern based, and around 40 pixels tall. Because it comes from Rural Farm Tiles, that means there is a default hero and a default heroine. Both of these characters have ‘action sprites’ for things such as swinging a tool, or using a watering can. The other sprites have no such extras. This pack also comes included with an extra folder that contains the PSD files for these sprites so that you can generate your own, and easily edit colours. There are 50 unique sprites in total, not counting the fact that they all wear different outfits. Outfits range from business attire, to wedding dresses, to evening attire, to school uniforms, and even bathing suits.

Also contains 6 animals sprites such as a dog, cat, cow, pig, sheep and chicken.

Optimized for: RPG Maker VX, VX Ace, MV
Resolution: 32×45 pixels
Tileset sheets: no
Spritesets: 60
Icons: no
Filesize: 4.81MB

Commercial usage: yes
Allowed to use in: any game engine