This is the pre-release of the first expansion pack of Ancient Dungeons. The actual release date will be before October 1st. Because it is a pre-release, it is not fully finished and mainly lacks the interior tiles for a temple. When the pack is finished, you will be notified through e-mail with an updated download link, free of charge. The river in TileD has two versions, one with still water, and one without water. To use the one without water, you must first place down the animated tiles from TileA1, and then lay these on top of them, to get the water animated.

What’s included:
– TileA1 for two different water tiles
– TileA5
– TileB/C/D filled with jungle themed tiles

Optimized for RPG Maker VX Ace, in a 32×32 resolution.

Note; you are purchasing the tiles, as well as the license to use these in any game engine commercially.


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