So in my previous poll, the most popular vote was the pirate theme. On another website, the most popular theme was the desert one.

I thought it through, and someone else mentioned something that I realize it’s true; Ancient Dungeons does not have a lot of different biomes. You can make forests or jungles, but that’s it. There’s no desert filled with pyramids, or snow tundras with icy caverns. So I think this is the more important part to take care of; letting people have the option to expand on their world.

It comes down to two themes: snow or desert.

For the desert theme, I have in mind lots of sand and cliffs, complete with cacti, palm trees and other sorts of flora. This will be paired with Egyptian inspired dungeons, pyramids, tombs, hieroglyphs etc. If I’m feeling adventurous enough, I might expand on this and add Egyptian inspired houses and interior.

For the snow theme, there will be a snow tundra covered land, lots of cliffs covered in snow, or icebergs. There will be an ice cavern themed dungeon with frozen statues. Much like the desert one, I can create snow covered buildings as well so you can create a snow covered city.

I’m going to leave this poll here to see which one people would like first. Yes, I say first – just because it didn’t get the most votes doesn’t mean I’ll never make it, it’ll still be created in the future!

What Ancient Dungeons expansion pack should be created first?

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