I just want to post this as a shout out to Hudell’s Fantasy Farming: Orange Season game.

Rural Farm Tiles is not a popular pack, it barely gets any sales, even though I spent a year long working on everything, from sprites, to icons to the whole tileset in 4 different seasons. It was a lot of hard work, but I did it, because I knew someone, somewhere, wanted to make a Harvest Moon like game. If only one such person wanted to make such a game, I would do it for them. Hudell ended up being that person, he’s gone above and beyond to turn this into a wonderful game to satisfy us Harvest Moon hungry fans.

I may not be rolling around in dough, but at least someone is making full use of the resources that I’ve created, and I’m excited to see them succeed with their game. That one year is worth it just for this!

He has since entered his game through Steam’s Greenlight program. I urge you all to vote a resounding YES on his game! Link here.

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