Ancient Dungeons: Jungle


This is the first expansion pack of the Ancient Dungeons series. Please purchase the Base Pack to achieve its full potential. AD: Jungle is a tileset meant to create a tropical rain forest location with Aztec and Indonesian inspired temples. It is packed with lots of plants to decorate, as well as exterior and interior tiles for the temple. Parallax mapping is recommended due to the sheer amount of plant tiles that you would have to use Event Graphics for.

There is a waterfall included that is an event graphic, please refer to the image file included with the pack on how to use this waterfall correctly.

Optimized for: RPG Maker VX Ace
Resolution: 32×32 pixels
Tileset sheets: TileA1 (incomplete), TileA5 (incomplete), TileB, TileC, TileD, TileE
Spritesets: only objects
Icons: no
Filesize: 3.22MB

Commercial usage: yes
Allowed to use in: any game engine and promotional work