Ancient Dungeons: Winter


This is the second expansion pack of the Ancient Dungeons series. Please purchase the Base Pack to achieve its full potential. AD: Winter is a snow themed tileset, perfect for making your snow landscapes, an ice palace, or just a cold looking cave. This set contains snow versions of the Base Pack’s TileC and TileD. Finally you can make snow covered villages!

Contains an extra 544×416 image with snowflakes.

There is a waterfall included that is an event graphic, please refer to the image file included with the pack on how to use this waterfall correctly.

Optimized for: RPG Maker VX Ace
Resolution: 32×32 pixels
Tileset sheets: TileA1 (incomplete), TileA2 (incomplete), TileA3, TileA5 (incomplete), TileB, TileC, TileC_interior, TileD, TileD_interior, TileE (incomplete), TileE_interior (incomplete)
Spritesets: only objects
Icons: no
Filesize: 4.34MB

Commercial usage: yes
Allowed to use in: any game engine and promotional work