Celianna’s Parallax Tiles


Celianna’s Parallax Tiles (version 1.0) is a compilation of a bunch of tiles I’ve created for RPG Maker. While you can buy a commercial license for each tileset individually, it’s pricier, and therefor I’ve come up with a discount if you buy them all in bulk. The original price will drop from a whopping €1030 to €350, so it’s a steal! Read the list of tiles included carefully, as not all tilesets listed in the materials section are included.

Note: you can only use these tiles in RPG Maker products and no other game engine.

Budget too low? Come back during the end of the year, because I have a lot of price reductions for the parallax tiles during Christmas!

Version 1.0 includes these tiles (you can check them out here):

Interior Tiles

• Interior Walls
• Castle Tiles
• Library Tiles
• Furniture Tiles
• Bakery Tiles
• School Tiles
• Carpentry Tiles
• Tavern Tiles
• Mansion Tiles
• Orchestra Tiles
• Priston & Torture Tiles
• Thieves Lair

Exterior tiles

• Trees 1
• Trees 2
• Trees 3
• Trees 4
• Nature Tiles
• Cutesy Tiles
• Mana Tree
• Farm Tiles
• Old Farm Tiles
• Castles
• Medieval Buildings
• Medieval Houses
• Japanese Buildings
• Tipis
• Huts
• Temple Tiles
• Doors
• Ship Tiles
• Golden Temple Tiles
• Rapunzel Tower



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