Welcome new users of RPG Maker MV, and welcome back to regulars who bought RPG Maker MV to expand upon their library.

A clarification on the use of my free resources:

Much like before, my resources could only be used with RPG Maker VX. That means if you wanted to use my resources in another maker, you’d have to own RPG Maker VX as well. I struck a deal with Enterbrain, which allowed me to let other users who only owned RPG Maker VX Ace to still be able to use them, without owning RPG Maker VX.

However, this deal does not exist for RPG Maker MV, the newest maker. That means – if you want to use my free resources in MV – that you must own either a copy of RPG Maker VX or RPG Maker VX Ace.

Most of my free resources aren’t available for those that only own RPG Maker MV.

There are exceptions of course, my newest resources are available for any engine, but my older resources, such as Celianna’s Tileset, is for RPG Maker VX or RPG Maker VX Ace only. You can use Celianna’s Tileset in RPG Maker MV (or any other Maker, really), as long as you own any of the two previous mentioned makers. That’s all there is to it.

You can find my RPG Maker MV tilesets here.

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