I sometimes stream my tilemaking, and lots of people find it useful to see my work progress.

So today I’m giving you a head’s up. At 1:00 AM (August 18) GMT+1, or 11:00 PM UTC (August 17), I will be livestreaming the making of a giant tree and explaining everything as I go and answering questions. So if you’re interested in how to draw trees, or just watch me draw a tree, feel free to join in!

The link to the livestream is here:


I will also update this status when I begin to stream:

Streaming has ended

Thanks to everyone who watched the stream with me, and I apologize for not being able to finish the tree! The tree was just too damn large, and I was getting throbbing sensations in my wrist from clicking too much (dem leaves …), so I’ll finish the tree on my own time. But the stream should teach you how to create one all the way.

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